Cancer research center research on cancer causes, cancer treatment for breast, lung, skin, lymphoma, leukemia and other cancer types home cancer research cancer science prostate cancer skin cancer 15 may clinical analysis of primary ureteral cancer(76 cases report) posted by: cancer research [abstract] objective to offer the information for the diagnosis and treatment of primary ureteral cancer. Methods clinical data of 76 cases of ureteral cancer through the pathology in the third affiliated hospital of harbin medical university from april 1998 to april 2008 were retropectively analyzed. how many mg of viagra Results in the diagnosis of the primary ureteral cancer,the correct rate of ultrasonography,computered tomography,magnetic resonance urography,intravenous pyelography and retrograde pyelography were 43. 4%,71. buy generic viagra 4%,72. viagra for sale 5%,21. 9% and 95. 3% respectively. Forty-three cases had been followed-up,12 patients were still alive after 5 years,who were given operation of cutting the involved kidney,total length ureter and bladder like cuff. Conclusion the correct rate of retrograde pyelography the highest in the diagnosis of the primary ureteral cancer. Radical surgery is primary method to treat the primary ureteral cancer. viagra samples The operation that retains the kidney should be adopted if the patient is solitary kidney,renal inadequacy in the opposite kidney,can not tolerate surgery or bilateral tumors of upper urinary tract and strengthen the follow-up after the operation. Title: clinical analysis of primary ureteral cancer(76 cases report) category: skin cancer filename: clinical analysis of primary ureteral cancer(76 cases report). buy cheap viagra Pdf pages: 127 price: us$80. viagra cost 100mg 00 buy this paper: download: donated for this research subject: favorite: add to favorite contact: e-mail:medpaper@hotmail. Com                 tel:1-888-774-999a how to get this paper's electronic documents? buy generic viagra nz 1, click the "buy now" button to complete the online payment 2, download the paper's electronic document from the successful payment return page/or the system will send this paper's electronic document to your e-mail within 24 hours version:zh-cn perhaps you will be interested in these papers 2012-07-30 relationship between can/nfat pathway and lung cancer with bone metastasis 2012-07-30 application of pericardioscopy in the etiologic diagnosis of moderate or significant pericardial effusion 2012-07-30 diagnostic significance of aquaporin-1 expression in liver cancers 2012-07-30 analysis on cause of malignant tumor complicated with acute deep vein thrombosis in the lower extremity and its treatment 2012-07-30 lamivudine prevents the reactivation of chronic hepatitis b virus induced by tumor chemotherapy 2012-07-30 treating deficiency and toxin in cancer treatment 2012-07-29 targeting survivin and tumor 2012-07-29 study on the disease incertitude of strenthen social support on cancer patient and. buy viagra