Docnotes health, technology, family medicine and other observations - since 1999 home archives profile subscribe family medicine march 07, 2007 fibromyalgia: fact or fiction? viagra discount A multi-disciplinary approach another useful resource found today in the family medicine digital resource library reminder: the rss feed for fmdrl provides an easy way to see the new resources. diferencia viagra 5 mg 20 mg Posted on march 07, 2007 at 06:26 am | permalink | comments (0) | | september 28, 2006 future of family medicine education? Annals of family medicine -- table of contents (september/october 2006, 4 [supplement]) posted on september 28, 2006 at 07:49 am | permalink | comments (0) | | april 16, 2006 family medicine notes... viagra prescription insurance coverage It's been a whils since i've made a substantive entry about family medicine. cheap viagra pills online   here goes: i've been very busy lately with a project i can't discuss at all. price for viagra 100mg   it's very exciting and rather all-consuming and for those of you who have been follwing this weblog (if there are any of you left! buy viagra online ).. I can say that it's an opportunity for me to help provide something to healthcare that i've been whining about for a long time.   i'm doing my best to walk-the-walk rather than just talk-the-talk. viagra daily low dose This may explain the paucity of posts lately.   as dave has suggested recently, blogging has matured, and so has medical blogging. viagra vs viagra cheaper   back in 1999 and 2000, there were a handful of medical bloggers (literally! viagra generic discount ) and we all had a bit of a role in educating each other and the world about what is is that physicians do, think, read, etc.   this was - from my view - a primary purpose of medical blooging: to enhance the transparency of our profession. Viagra 10 mg controindicazioni But there's lots of that now.   hundreds (thousands? real viagra cheap ) of medlical bloggers are posting daily and - frankly - i don't think the internet needs me anymore. viagra for sale generic   hmm.. cheap viagra That sounded rather egocentric! viagra for sale Oh well. cheap viagra uk delivery So i'll continue to post as a i can.. And hope to spring interesting and compelling observations on occasion.. But i doubt i'll be back to daily blogging again unless i find myself with fewer jobs or a renewed sense of mission for the blog. This week in the office was (as usual? ) psychiatry week.   lots of psychosocial problems interwoven with my patients' health problems. viagra men ingredients   them man with the heart attack last week is certain that stress is the primary factor that caused the event. Eli lilly viagra 20 mg   i don't disagree. Buy genuine viagra in the uk   his hypertension and hyperlipid. viagra without a doctor prescription viagra for sale generic cheap viagra super active 100mg took viagra viagra same time