Healthandage not a member yet? viagra without a doctor prescription Member? cheap viagra pills for sale Search search this site: or click here to browse the list of diseases home conditions & diseases wellness patient guide news h&a blog questions & answers home » diabetics do worse after ankle surgery 08/18/2005 - news diabetics do worse after ankle surgery by: susan aldridge, medical journalist, phd tools: diabetics do worse after ankle surgery reported by susan aldridge, phd, medical journalist in the largest study of its kind, researchers find that those with diabetes are more prone to complications after ankle surgery than non-diabetics. We already know that it is important for diabetics to take very good care of their feet because their circulation may be impaired. eli lilly viagra 20 mg Now a team at duke university confirm that they may have problems after ankle surgery too. 25 mg viagra online A number of small studies have suggested this, but this one covered nearly 170,000 patients, making it the biggest study of its kind. cheap viagra without prescription usa The researchers found that 5. eli lilly viagra 20 mg 71 per cent of the patients had diabetes. generic drug for viagra They tended to be older than the non-diabetics and, if they had an ankle fracture needing treatment, it tended to be more severe. trusted on line sites to buy viagra However, whatever the severity of the injury, the outcome tended to be worse for the diabetics. cheap viagra They stayed longer in hospital and had higher mortality rates - 0. viagra discount card 26 per cent compared to 0. generic viagra safe not 11 per cent. Much does viagra cost target They also had higher rates of post-operative complications - 4. Generic viagra for sale in the u.k 63 per cent compared to 3. cheap generic viagra 27 per cent/ the findings suggest extra care is needed for patients with diabetes when they have ankle surgery. They might, for instance, benefit from careful monitoring of glucose levels around this time and from medication to avoid blood clots. natural viagra brazilian spider Also, they tend to heal more slowly, and could need extra rehabilitation. Viagra reviews blog Source journal of bone and joint surgery august 2005 created on: 08/18/2005 reviewed on: 08/18/2005 average: select rating poor okay good great awesome no votes yet read more about: diabetes tools: you might be interested in: early surgery may not be needed in brain haemorrhage best not to stop aspirin before surgery heart danger for diabetics treated with insulin diabetes increases mortality after bypass. where to buy generic viagra generic viagra online cheap viagra super active 100mg took viagra viagra same time